Den originale Konjac Sponge - Svamp sort til krop urenheder

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159,95 kr
Vanligur prísur
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Ideal for Purifying The Skin

Ergonomically designed with 6 waves, this Konjac body sponge with bamboo charcoal is a great natural alternative to your loofah or body puff. Pure Konjac plant fibre has been mixed with oil-busting charcoal to help deeply cleanse and purify the skin.

Filled with antioxidants, charcoal is known to draw out excess oils and toxins for clearer, smoother complexions. Perfect for a deep clean, whether its post work out, problematic skin types or simply for your daily bath or shower. Use daily for a gentle exfoliation, helping to prevent ingrown hairs, prepping the skin for shaving or waxing and ensuring a great cleanse and healthy skin, as well as making your shower gel work harder and go further.

The Korean shower and bath took, is made from the purest konjac plant root, and nourishing mineral extracts, avoiding all artificial ingredients. Biodegradable and compostable. This sustainable beauty tool gives a great cleanse and maximises your personal hygiene routine.

How It Works:

The texture of the konjac sponge is pillow-soft once hydrated in water, and totally safe to use for the whole family. The better care you give the sponge the longer it lasts, which can be up to 3 months. An upgrade from a flannel!

After use gently squeeze out excess water and leave to dry away from water.

This sponge can last up to 3 months with good care.

- Cleanses
- Exfoliates
- Revitalises
- Refreshes
- Helps Prevent Ingrown Hairs
- Preps Skin for Tanning
- Can Be Used Daily
- Suitable for Sensitive Skin
- Biodegradable
- Vegan
- Cruelty Free