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Maison Berger Paris - Galet Taupe (Renser luften)

399,95 kr
399,95 kr
Íroknað MVG Levering beregnes ved betaling.

OBS: Husk at købe tilhørende brændevæske - enten neutral (uden lugt) eller med æterisk olie (vælg mellem forskellige dufte).


Like a pebble, this lacquered glass lamp with sandblasted effect is ideal for a zen, relaxing and natural interior.


Cultivate your zen attitude with this Galet Taupe Lampe Berger in frosted glass, inspired by the soft and soothing forms of pebbles.


Height: 10cm

Material: Lacquered glass

Mount: Shiny silver ball-shaped mounting

Color: Taupe


If you love meditating and the silence of the beaches, then this pebble-shaped fragrance diffuser is for you! An infinite source of inspiration in art, the pebble evokes timelessness, tireless waves, the memory of time passed. Its generous and enveloping shape is an invitation to savour the moment. With the Galet Taupe Lampe Berger, you are choosing a resolutely zen decoration. The softness of frosted glass in a subtle grey-taupe colour, a rounded and generous shape, a harmonious finish with its shiny silver zamac ball-shaped mounting. You are also opting for safe and efficient know-how to purify your interior.


Den Originale luftrensende lampe fra Lampe Berger stammer helt tilbage fra 1898.


Lampen fjerner og neutraliserer de skadelige partikler og resultatet er ren, frisk luft i rummet. Vi forurener ofte ubevist luften i rummene omkring os med stearinlys, by-forurening, elektroniske devises, madlavning osv. dette efterlader masser af små skadelig mikropartikler i luften, som ikke er sunde for vores luftveje. Disse partikler fjerner den luftrensende lampe optil 68 % af ved en ganske simple katalytisk forbrænding og efterlader luften omkring frisk og behagelig at indånde igen.


Du kan vælge at rense luften med eller uden duft. Ønsker du duftfri – skal du vælge Neutral og ønsker du duft – så kan du vælge mellem vores store duftunivers - alle dufte baseret på æteriske olier.


What is a Lampe Berger/Maison Berger Paris?

The famous Lampe Berger/Maison Berger Paris, Fragrance diffusers or “lamps” have centuries of history yet remain contemporary and functional, adding an elegant touch of style and scent to any room. Formulated with non-toxic, fast evaporating and purifying ingredients, our beautifully unique and iconic glass fragrance lamps are available in several styles, scents and a fragrance-free option. And, we respect the earth. Our lamps are refillable.


Purifies the air
- Neutralize odors
- Choose between many natural fragrances or neutral (bought separately)

Case: blue cardboard gift box, in the standardized brand design. The “gift” aspect is strengthened by an embossed ribbon illustration. Inside, the lamp comes in a protective pouch and a separate box contains the accessories. Multilingual instructions inside.


How to use it?


1. Fill up the lamp bottle with Lampe Berger fragrances not more than 2/3 of the bottle level

2. Let it sit with the stopper on and let the wick soak for 15-20 mins. Then remove the stopper

3. Light up the catalytic burner for 2-3 minutes. (The flame will be very large at the beginning but there is no smoke. The burner gets heated up. Never leave a burning lamp unattended and keep it away from things that catch fire.)

4. Blow the flame off the catalytic burner after 2-3 minutes

5. Let the fragrance diffuse for 30 -60 minutes

6. Put back the stopper to stop the lamp from diffusing